Welcome to the University of Utopia New Faculty Orientation Manual WikiEdit

The wiki serves as a orientation manual to new faculty to the University of Utopia.

Purpose of ManualEdit

This handbook will provide, in one document, the information necessary to orient staff to

the University and college. Key areas covered include University and college structure and

organization, the college’s mission and vision, background on and history of the college,

information on facilities, briefings on the major college administrative and academic units,

and a guide to customer service. Alice Colwell

About the UniveristyEdit

At the University of Utopia, more than 4,700 students benefit from the resources and opportunities of a major

research university provided in a welcoming student-centered college environment.

Students can choose from thirty-four bachelor’s, six associate, and two graduate degree programs.

The University is consistently ranked among the ten colleges in the United State with a %99 student graduation rate.

Students and faculty enjoy our beautiful 867 acre campus located in picturesque Utopia, Massachusetts.

Campus life is enriched by more than 105 clubs and organizations, 16 varsity athletic teams, 3 intercollegiate

club sports, and 20 intramural sports. Nearly 1,700 students live on campus in traditional residence halls,

suite-style halls, and apartment buildings. Alice Colwell.

Utopia Spartans

History of the College Edit

The Council of the University has since 1987 worked diligently to create the appropriate institutional structures to facilitate high quality graduate research and publications. Thus, in 1989, preparations were made for the launching of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The initial MBA curriculum was developed in 1989, and later approved by Senate. Owing to a number of constraints, the programme could not be launched immediately. In 1994, a commitment was made that the MBA programme should start in 1995. The programme was eventually started in May 1995. On Friday, 27th June 2008, the Council of the University made a significant decision to establish the School of Graduate Studies and start new Masters and PhD programmes. Meanwhile serious efforts are being made to start MPhil and PhD programmes by the beginning of 2010 Academic year.

Mission StatementEdit

The mission statement at the University of Utopia is to provide high-quality education for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Here at the university our goal is to provide the student's with an envrionment to learn necessay skills to develop critical thinking and life long learning.

Karen Howell

Organizational StructureEdit

The organizational structure of the University of Utopia is student-led. Nurse-educator graduate students head this organization and design and implement all curriculums. This is a shared governance program where frequent student involvement drives education decisions. Jen Shanholtzer

Human ResourcesEdit

Mentor Program The University of Utopia offers a comprehensive mentor program for new faculty members. This program facilitates the transition of newly employed nurses to the faculty role. Each new faculty will be partnered with an experienced faculty member. This mentoring relationship will focus on teaching, scholarship and research with the goal of professional and career development with a smoother transition to thre faculty role.The mentor will assist the mentee in meeting their professional goals and will provide feedback to the new faculty member. Lynne WalkerEdit

IT/ Library ServicesEdit

The university of Utopia offers services that help meet the educational and research requirements of students, faculty and staff. While many services are remotely available through this site, please keep in mind that the full range of library services, including references, is offered to users that come into the library.

Featured Services:

  1. Assignment Calendar
  2. Course Reserves
  3. faculty services
  4. Interlibrary Loan
  5. library Tours
  6. Multi media
  7. My library Account
  8. off- campus Access. Hossam Alhawatmeh

Faculty ContactsEdit

Carol Sedlak RN, PhD , Peggy Doheny RN, PhD


Jen Shanholtzer